Skin tightening RF

Radio frequency technology for the face and body
Many patients who opt for dermal filler treatment do so because they would like the effects they visualize when they pull their faces upwards; lift everything back into its original place. Conventionally this was only possible with a surgeon’s knife. The non-surgical market have attempted to pretend to lift the face by masking the visible lines with fillers but this does not reverse the inevitable effects of gravity which gradually drag down the structures of the face.
Our skin tightening method is a newly developed technique which produces skin tightening by using radio frequency energy to heat your own internal collagen. This collagen is mostly in a form of a complex triple helix protein which, much like frayed polypropylene rope, contracts when heated at a certain temperature. Our Radio Frequency Device produces controlled heat energy to allow our beauty lounge to selectively defy gravity and use skin tightening procedures to lift the facial structure back towards their original positions.
The procedure takes at least 45 min. There is a reasonable amount of discomfort involved but this is tailored to the patient’s own tolerance.
If you are one of the many for whom surgery is just “Not an option”, or possibly one of the very many for whom a surgeon might suggest you ‘come back in a few years when the problem is more
Our device is the right choice.